Women like Michael Kors to be not only cute but also fashionable. Even better if you have a tote bag that is not only cute but durable. The Coach Poppy Tote can provide this. Well, here are her five reasons why the Coach Poppy is a great purchase.
1 Coach’s poppy bag is cute. It looks fashionable with different color themes and designs. Girls love to own beautiful handbags. Well, this bag really is a head turner. Girls will surely drool over the awesome bag you have. There is one design that overwhelms other women. That’s the C Gram Tote. It features Coach’s signature ‘c’ logo, but in an abstract and stylish way. The best-selling design in the Poppy Collection.
2. A tote bag made of fine leather. Did you know that soft leather lasts longer than hard leather? In fact, it tends to soften with age. As a result, some coach users prefer the leather to look worn.
3. The quality of the bag is excellent. Did you know that all Coach bags pass quality tests?Coach goes to great lengths to ensure the craftsmanship of her handbags is impeccable.Like cheap imitations It is not made by machine, it is made with great attention to detail.
4. The bag is wide. (Applies to shopping bag POPPY 13839.) Large enough to fit a netbook. The perfect bag for work. I put my computer there, but there’s still space for my personal stuff.

5. The Poppy Coach Tote is affordable. They are different from the overpriced designer handbags available on the market. It has the look and feel of a designer bag, but without the overly expensive price tag.The look alone might make you want to pick up a tote from this collection. All the better if you know what quality these coach bags are. You will surely fall in love with getting these bags. Remember to be smart when shopping. Beauty is not the only reason to buy a handbag. It should also be durable and functional. Remember that.